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Why should you join MindfuLegacy?

So, after all of your hard work, you were finally able to develop a product that can change someone’s life for the best. Now, what’s the next step? How do you intend to share it with the world? Maybe, you’ve already tried something, but it didn’t work. I know what it’s like to try to get your product out there because I have one too. That’s why I created this Marketplace so that Therapists like us can have a place for our stunning creations to shine. And I know you have the same passion as me. That’s why I want you to be a part of this groundbreaking move. Joining MindfuLegacy is a great opportunity to get more recognition for yourself and your products. In addition, you get to provide your resources to enrich more people and their loved ones so they can lead better lives. So, with that being said, here’s why joining MindfuLegacy is a good idea.


It’s a Marketplace exclusively for Mental Health and Wellness.

The beauty of MindfuLegacy is that it’s the first Marketplace made by Therapists for the community. Promoting your products on other marketplaces is like trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. Your products may not fit in because prominent marketplaces are so diverse. The variety of products in those marketplaces can cause yours to be left behind. That’s why I created MindfuLegacy. We, therapists, deserve a space of our own where the Marketplace shares the same nature of our creations so they can shine. You also get to join a community where Therapists can come together and share their products with the world. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?


Reach more customers.

Since MindfuLegacy is a marketplace designed for therapists specifically, it would be easier for people to see your products and bring more customers. Think about it. If a marketplace is known for the exact products you provide, wouldn’t it put your creations at an advantage? Then when people visit MindfuLegacy, they already know it’s a place for mental health and wellness, so your products would gain more attention here rather than in a larger marketplace.



We know many people may be discouraged from purchasing products for their well-being because of cost. At MindfuLegacy, we strive to have a wide range of items, even some starting as low as $1. That way, everyone can find resources to start their wellness journey. So, Therapists, feel free to share all your products, even those within a low price range, because there will be someone out there who would benefit.


Earn Passive Income.

As a Therapist, I’m sure you care about your clients’ well-being. However, it can be draining to see them daily, especially when you need to make ends meet. So, wouldn’t it be great to earn money even when you’re not working? That’s where MindfuLegacy comes in. When you place your products on our Marketplace, you can gain more sales, earn that passive income, and avoid burnout.


We do the hard work for you.

You did not go to Grad school to learn business and marketing. That’s why we’ll do the heavy lifting for you. Our Team will ensure to promote your products through our social media platforms and other means so that they can get more recognition. Additionally, we’ll guide you when uploading your digital products, product images, and descriptions to create your personalized store in our Marketplace. Our goal is to ensure that your experience with MindfuLegacy is stress-free and pleasant.


Joining MindfuLegacy has many benefits. Firstly, our Marketplace is known for mental health and wellness, so you can have a place where your products belong. That’s perfect because potential clients can finally see all that you have to offer. That would then lead to more customers and brand growth. Not only that, but you can also earn passive income and avoid burnout in the process. And the best part is you’ll get all the support you need from us, the MindfuLegacy Team, and fellow Therapists striving for the same goal. I want you to join MindfuLegacy to be united with other Therapists to provide quality products for anyone to improve their well-being and those around them. So, click here if you’re ready to begin your Legacy.

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