Product Standard

Product Details

  1. The product title should clearly showcase the name of the brand / owner.
  2. Include a unique identifier such as GTIN or UPC where applicable.
  3. Include important details such as size, volume, weight, colour etc.
  4. Describe your product and some of the use cases

Product Images

  1. Product images should be in a 1:1 aspect ratio or in the shape of a square.
  2. Product images should be no smaller than 1000 pixels wide by 1000 pixels tall.
  3. Product images file sizes should be no larger than 3MB.
  4. Product images Should clearly show product and label.
  5. On the first image uploaded the product should take up 60% of the total image size.

Download The Template To Ensure Your Products Meet The Image Dimensions Specifications

Download Template

Example Product Image: