A Dose of Self: Teen Journal


Let’s get into A Dose of Self


This journal offers pre-teens, teenagers, and young people a place to express themselves. If you didn’t know or think you know, teenagers are faced with an array of changes during this stage of development. Trying to express what they feel or what they are thinking is HARD! Especially managing those thoughts, feelings, and emotions regarding themselves and the world around them. This is where this journal comes in. It is an interactive journal packed with journal prompts, reflective activities, weekly tasks to encourage accountability, proven therapeutic tools, and wellness practices. This journal was designed to help adolescents get A Dose of self to explore self-expression and self-discovery.


A Dose of Self will help them:

  • Practice self-compassion and self-love―Prompts and exercises will help teens better understand their emotions, treat themselves with kindness, and celebrate what makes them unique.
  • Explore their strengths and explore emotions
  • Learn about other amazing things.

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